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For Our Neighbors

We want a good relationship with our neighbors and the amphitheater to be a benefit to our community. Please see the resources below that are available to you.

Enter your phone number to receive text reminders about upcoming events so you can anticipate higher than normal sound levels.

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How loud is the amphitheater?

The amphitheater abides by Selma City Ordinance which does not allow sound to exceed 85 decibels at the property line.

How does the Real Life Amphitheater monitor sound levels?

We work with professional environmental sound engineers to measure sound levels to ensure we are in compliance with city ordinances.

How can we know when there are events scheduled at the amphitheater?

All events will be posted on our event calendar at

Can I be notified when an event is occurring?

Yes, you can enroll to receive a day-of-the-event text notification.

Who can I speak with about concerns?

Call our neighbor hotline at {xxx-xxx-xxxx}

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